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End of Life


Navigating, Coaching, Planning, Caring

Rebecca Brown and Jocelyn Nute provide end of life planning, guidance, and compassionate support at any stage of life. We are non-medical professionals who focus on practical, emotional, and spiritual needs. 

Ideally, planning for end of life begins long before a medical crisis. We can help you prioritize and focus on what means the most, on how you will be remembered, as well as financial, legal, and estate preparations.

If you are newly diagnosed or living with a terminal illness, we can assist you with similar preparations, as well as working  through your values and goals around care and treatment.    

And when the time comes, we offer support, guidance, and calm presence to dying people and their loved ones. 

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Being with dying is a challenge and a privilege.

It's a challenge because our culture is so death averse. Many people come to end of life unprepared. They haven't had honest conversations with loved ones about what is most important to them, leaving everyone unprepared for the emotional and spiritual impact of the dying process. Many people haven't made legal and financial arrangements, either. 

It's a privilege because dying is the last developmental stage of living. Preparing for dying can bring a richness of life, transformation, transcendence, and grace. It can be a time to become who you truly are, to experience the fullness of being human. Being part of that process is profound for all involved. Being open to it takes courage. We walk along side you on that path.