For Those Who Matter Most

Providing support for a loved one who is facing death is one of life's greatest challenges. We can help. We're here for the people who matter most: loved ones, chosen family members, and other friends, neighbors, and anyone else cares.

Our supportive services include:


  • Help with understanding prognoses, diagnoses, and medical options

  • Respite when it's badly needed

  • Identify and coordinate  caregivers and helpers, including  alternative practitioners, care team additions, etc.

  • Understanding the dying process, stages, signs

  • Health care decision making: ensuring wishes are known and understood

  • Help advocate for the care your loved one prefers


  • Emotional support

  • Help manage care, schedules, tasks

  • Help friends/family and others be involved 

  • Respect, understand,  and work through your concerns, fears, and anxieties

  • Facilitate/mediate family discussions

  • Assist you and others  with preparing for loss and easing into the grieving process. 


  • Space for peace, acceptance, equanimity 

  • Help plan and assist with memorial services or life celebrations

  • Obituary writing  

  • Accompany loves ones with vigil sitting

  • Help plan and assist with home funerals 

  • Explore options for green burial

  • Help plan disposition of your loved one's body after death (green burial, traditional burial, or cremation)