Your Whole Self

Too often, and especially in institutional settings, very ill people are treated as a set of symptoms. Our approach is very different. Regardless of your diagnosis or prognosis, we value and get to know you as a whole person.  

Our work together focuses on your well being and avoiding unnecessary suffering. 


  • Understanding prognosis, diagnosis, medical options, and promoting informed consent

  • Resources identification and referrals – alternative practitioners, care team additions, etc.

  • Information for you and your loved ones on the dying process, stages, signs

  • Health care decision-making including advance ce directive


  • Companionship, comfort, and caring

  • Caregiver respite, help with tasks as required

  • Clarify your goals and wishes for your care

  • Work through your concerns, fears, and anxieties

  • Life review and legacy: written, oral, artistic, video  

  • Assist loved ones with preparing for loss 


  • Space for peace acceptance, equanimity

  • Advanced Directive for Conscious Dying 

  • Faith/spirit traditions, reading, contemplation, discussion  

  • Vigil planning and sitting, and rituals 

  • Post-death: planning rituals, services, celebration

  • Disposition of your body after death (green burial, traditional burial, or cremation)